Difference between Entrepreneur and Wannapreneur

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Having an entrepreneurial mindset is undoubtedly the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, a clear mindset for anything gives a person a brighter perspective towards one’s goals. Needless to say that every entrepreneur you see around you would agree that.

If every such person agrees with the “mindset” stuff, then why do we have such thing as a  “Wannapreneur”. Don’t they have a required mindset? Aren’t they as full of ideas as any successful entrepreneur? Let us discuss broadly on highlighting major Differences between an Entrepreneur and Wannapreneur but before let’s get acquainted with its actual definition


Wannapreneur Definition







This definition by Wannapreneur indicates the stark difference between an Entrepreneur and Wannapreneur. You think You Talk You dream and maybe doing countless of other things like an Entrepreneur but still, you will be considered as the counterfeit of how the actual ones really are

Why? The reason being is that there is one feature of the Entrepreneur that is 99.99% responsible for who they are; its Action. Without the “I do” factor you are far from even becoming a budding entrepreneur. Well let me elaborate “Wannapreneur” by giving a list of the traits of people who belong to this bandwagon and I wish that none of you can relate to it. Even if you do; don’t fret and mind that being a Wannapreneur is the first step towards your goal, but only if you are willing to take the second


5 Traits of the Wannapreneur

    • You are Resistant to failures
    • You are waiting for the right time
    • You Totally rely on Money
    • You like showing off the Entrepreneurial tag
    • You are full of jealousy and hatred for your Ex-boss

People with such traits have so many misconceptions about entrepreneurship that they refuse to foresee any hurdles that come along on this strenuous journey of ups and downs. Instead, they think that being an entrepreneur is a doorway to the riches in life. We get deluded just by seeing the rich entrepreneurs around us and nonchalantly refuses to bring the broader picture into perspective. What do they have when they first started? Were they driven for the sole purpose of earning money? Or were they were audacious enough to tap into uncharted territories? Yearning to witness the known, willing to fail early. If you really want to get your hands dirty, don’t even think about money in the short run. Remember; big bucks require patience.

Wannapreneur vs Entrepreneur







How to become an Entrepreneur from Wannapreneur

  1. Fail Right Now: Don’t let the fear of embarrassment prevent you from taking that plunge. Failing faster is the only way to succeed. By failing faster, you will outfail the person you once were. Your approach will be more precise, more logical towards your goal. How can you have an opinion about something you have not tried so far. Are you ignorant
  2. Be optimistic: Talk about possibilities and solutions not about problems. Possibilities are not laid, they are made, they are crafted when you are mentally alert to seize every opportunity that passes through you. It’s not you who crib about problems, it’s your mind muttering all the pessimism that has been conditioned by the way you face external factors
  3. Be change driven: Don’t be resistant to change. There are 2 kinds of changes- Self- driven changes that you must do to grow yourself; other is inevitable change, which is arisen by external factors. Embrace both these changes.
  4. Believe in the principle of giving: The biggest misconception is that you get what you take. The truth is it’s all about giving. The “get” back takes care of itself. All the biggest business giants that you see today have laid their foundation on giving. It’s the only way to thrive in the long run.

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